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Red Ribbon Week: October 21st through Friday, October 24th: For a list of the week's activities, follow this link.




Smart Tuition: For more information, click here. For an important memo from the Sacred Heart Catholic Finance council regarding the transition to SMART tuition service, please click here.


Bancroft Uniforms: For more information, follow this link.


Sacred Heart School Sports 2014 - 2015: For a complete list follow this link.


Sacred Heart Catholic Preschool: To view information about our Preschool, please follow this link.


Tuition Assistance: For Families looking to apply for tuition assistance, please visit  This link will open TADS in a new window. The deadline to apply for the 2014 - 2015 school year has passed, April 1, 2014.


Sacred Heart Fast Direct: Here is a direct link to the Fast Direct log-on page for Sacred Heart Catholic School -


Scrip Form: Scrip Form This link will open the scrip form in a .pdf format. This is the new form that is found in the school office, and can now be printed out at home.


Sacred Heart Registration

If you are a new family, interested in enrolling your children at Sacred Heart Catholic School, please print out our enrollment form here and drop it by our school's office at 505 M Street.

Enrollment form, page 1, and Enrollment form, page 2.



Sacred Heart Catholic School Handbook

The 2012-2013 Sacred Heart Handbook, 2012-2013 Anti-Bullying policy and the Handbook for the Extended Care program are now available to be viewed and printed out here.



School Handbook           Anti-Bullying policy         Extended Care         Sacred Heart School Information

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Sacred Heart Accreditation

Sacred Heart Catholic School is accredited by the Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA). WCEA accredits Catholic elementary and secondary schools in nine western states (26 (arch) dioceses) and the US Territory of Guam. WCEA co-accredits and is in partnership with three Regional agencies (WASC, NAAS, NCA CASI) and two private agencies (CAIS and HAIS). WCEA began in 1957 in San Francisco and has a long and successful history of assisting school improvement through the accreditation process.

Link to WCEA website: 







Our Mission Statement

Sacred Heart Catholic School is a Catholic parish K-8 school serving our families from Patterson and its surrounding communities.  Our dedicated faculty and staff, in partnership with the parents, offer our students a quality academic foundation.  As we teach for skill development, intellectual enrichment, and academic and physical excellence, we challenge and prepare our children for their future growth in today's society.

We create an atmosphere in which Catholic values, traditions and ideals are fundamental to our academic vision for cultivating faith formation, personal integrity, and life-long learning.

We are a people who strive to live out the gospel in wholesome, authentic, and healing relationships.  Furthermore, in Christian education, we help to engender an environment that allows for mystery which opens us to the fundamental reality of God who transcends the human mind.       




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